Oregon blueberries are packed with many nutritional benefits, particularly antioxidant compounds. These beneficial compounds help to immobilize free radicals in the body. Free radicals are implicated in the aging process, heart disease, memory loss, certain cancers and motor deterioration.

Some other benefits include:

• Improved vision
• Clearing arteries
• Strengthening blood vessels
• Stopping urinary tract infections
• Promoting weight control

With these recognized health benefits it is no wonder blueberries receive so many accolades from the press as well as nutritional experts.

So go ahead, enjoy the delightful experience of eating blueberries. Your heart, brain and other body parts will thank you.

Provides vitamins and minerals: Blueberries are a source of four essential nutrients – fiber, vitamin C, vitamin K and manganese. They also provide phytonutrients called polyphenols. This group includes anthocyanins (163.3 mg/100 g), which are compounds that give blueberries their blue color.

Good source of dietary fiber:
Just one serving of blueberries can help you meet your daily fiber requirement! Dietary fiber may reduce the risk of heart disease and adds bulk to your diet, which may help you feel full faster.

Good source of vitamin C: One serving of blueberries provides 15% of your daily vitamin C requirement! Not only does vitamin C support immune health, but it is necessary for growth and repair of tissues and promotes healing for wounds.

Certified heart-healthy: Fresh and frozen blueberries are certified as heart-healthy through the American Heart Association’s® Heart-Check Food Certification Program. The program offers an easy, reliable way to identify heart-healthy foods that can be part of a balanced eating plan.