Care and Handling

Fresh and Frozen Blueberries
When buying fresh blueberries, select firm, plump and unblemished berries in dry, unstained containers. The blueberries should be free of surface moisture, which accelerates decay.

Color is the best indicator of blueberry maturity and fully developed flavor. Blueberries should be deep purple-blue to blue black, with a natural powdery bloom or fine snowy white dust on the surface.

Shelf-life for blueberries is longer than other berries – generally 10 days to two weeks from harvest.

Storage & Thawing Tips:

• Arrange unwashed blueberries in a shallow container.

• Cover blueberries while storing.

• Wash blueberries just prior to use.

• Blueberries should be thawed under refrigerated conditions to ensure an optimal defrost.

• Never re-freeze thawed fruit. Properly thawed, cultivated blueberries will maintain their original freshness.